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Kamila || Maternity session

Sometimes I just want a neat clean white background that takes away all surrounding clutter and let the photography subjects truly stand out. The key to a good photography session, like so many other things in life, is communication between people. What is the vision of the client and how do we together go about achieving the best end result. I was lucky we were on the same page. Kamila is a dream to photograph, I didn't even give her directions what to do.

Maternity is absolutely my love and all my clients know it.

There are just too many easy excuses to skip a maternity session with growing waist lines and lists of other things to purchase. Just a few reasons not to do it.

If the baby is your first, the last weeks/months of your pregnancy mark the last that you and your partner will be on your own, the days of just the two of you are numbered and believe it or not you are about to change in ways that aren’t even comprehensible.

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