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Family reunion || Cincinnati, OH

I did Emma's maternity pictures and I was planning to take Clara's newborn pictures as well, but this baby had her own plans and she was born 3 weeks earlier. After she was born she had to stay in the special care nursery for while and I had no chance to take her newborn pics. I was super happy when Emma contacted me again and asked to take her husband's family reunion pictures. One of Aaron's sisters lives in Alaska, when she and her husband visited their family in Ohio to meet baby Clara, it was a great moment for a family photo shoot. It is such a special moment to have the kids together, grandparents… you have to capture these moments!. During family reunion sessions, all of the combinations are done: everyone, single families, single kids, kids together, grandparents with grandkids… you choose the combinations and I get them done. I love extended families and this one is certainly one of my favorites. I was so honored to create portraits of their family reunion. It's always so much fun to work with this sweet family, every session with them full of giggles and laughs.

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