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Lifestyle in-home session || Cincinnati Photographer

Why in-home sessions have become such popular? Today, I want to discuss the home sessions so you can feel confident trying this new trend out yourself! First, there’s more personality in my client's home. I love mother nature so much, but a home is a place they’ve built together and made their own, and I think that makes the photos feel a little more intimate. Look at this nursery! So simple, beautiful and elegant. I couldn't even ask for better light and interior.

One more pros is that people are so much more comfortable and relaxed in their home, which helps bring out real genuine emotion.

It feels more real to me to capture people in comfortable clothes lounging at home together than having a family all dressed up in expensive clothes in front of a brick wall (even though I like brick walls).

Indoor lighting used to scary me. I thought I needed a fancy light setups to create something beautiful but the truth is that every home has a mood and the easiest way for me to capture it is to shoot it at it’s simplest.

Enjoy my favorites from Brooks family in-home lifestyle session

This nursery is to die for, right?

All these tine details

OMG! How adorable baby Jasmine, 5 months old

She is always so CALM and HAPPY

Madeline, 4 yo and 5 months old baby Jasmine. How cute are they?


If you’re interested in booking a lifestyle in-home session with Olga Polo Photography, just click the Contact button above! We’d love to hear from you!

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