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Baby Adela milestone session || Cincinnati

Second time starting this post! Ugh. Much I want to express, and it seems “a bit much” every time I try to put it all into words. Maybe blogging at 11:08 pm on a Thursday night is the problem?

I ADORE seeing my little newborns as they grow! Capturing their Milestones and seeing them grow brings me incredible joy. Seeing their personalities develop over their first year – such a treat! I provide a baby wardrobe for babies 0-12 months old consisting of organic cotton clothing items to be used during the session BUT I always recommend to parents to bring in a simple white or neutral onsie and a diaper cover of their choice. Simple is always better in my opinion and I always recommend tan, gray, white, cream, pastel colors. YES, I love neutral colors so much.

When Baby Adela and her mom Erin showed up in the studio my first thoughts were "How darling she is and she looks like a doll!" Adela is fearless and cute all at the same time! And this cute romper is just a compliment to her beautiful blue eyes.

All grins & giggles, chubby cheeks and adorable rolls, OMG!

I want to squeeze her

She is just a doll

I have a lot of props in the studio, this Pottery Barn pull toy is my fav

Adela didn't like peaches

BUT... she realized she can use them as balls

so much fun!

Typically I do 2-3 set ups for milestone sessions and always give my clients to choose their fav

If you’re interested in booking a milestone session with Olga Polo Photography, just click the Contact button above! We’d love to hear from you!

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