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Baby Oliver || Milestone session

Milestones Sessions are a perfect way to document your babies growth and personality thru out their first year of life. Sessions are done at the studio or outdoors if weather permits.

Honestly, I love a baby in white (or very simple onesie). Don't get me wrong, I love cute outfits and I have a bunch in the studio. But I find that keeping clothing simple allows your little one to shine. Shiny and really bright color clothing do not photograph well. I love whites, creams, browns, pastels - soft, natural tones.

Oliver loved my camera (literally), he wanted to grab it every time I left it for a sec and he was so smiley during his session! It was so much fun to get these shots of him- he could sit in one spot only a few secs! Lucky me, he can only crawl for now, not walking or running. For this session, we did a couple different setups. I still don't know which one is my fav, I love them both and I hope you too.

Look at that smile

Oliver is such a lil ham for the camera

Enjoyed every sec of the process

He is really good at crawling. I would say he is super fast. His mom Gaby and I lost a few pounds catching him. Well, at least it's a good workout.

When I saw this outfit, I fell in love with it!

Nobody was injured by cactuses. they are from Hobby Lobby, super nice and soft

and probably very tasty, we should ask Oliver how good they are

If you’re interested in booking a milestone session with Olga Polo Photography, just click the Contact button above! We’d love to hear from you!

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