Hannah+Noah || Engagement session, Tennessee

I offer engagement sessions to my couple and here are some more reasons why.

Through the years I have worked with many amazing couples to capture their wedding day, I have found one very important part of making our time together successful is by having an engagement session.

Engagement session is already included in my wedding packaging because I want to get to know you better and understand how you two operate as a couple. Some of my clients need a lot of direction from me, while others are able to act naturally in front of the camera right away. So I’ll get a chance to see how much guidance you’ll need and want from me on the wedding day.

1. You get to know me! You might not realize it yet, but do you know who the one person you’ll spend more time with on your wedding day than anyone else is? Your photographer! From the moment you put on the dress to the grand exit, we’re going to be glued to your side. So it’s pretty important that you feel comfortable with me.

An engagement session is a great way to break the ice and get to know us a little better.

2. Your wedding photos will rock!

I want to capture real smiles and laughter – not just the cheese face.

3. It will boost your confidence like crazy!

When you’re confident, it shows in your images. After my couples have seen how they rocked their engagement session, they feel more confident on their wedding day!

4. Celebrate and cherish this moment for years to come.

This one might be the most obvious, but taking the time to document your engagement is something you will be thankful you did. Before kids, before marriage, during the months when you’ve made the decision to jump in, but are enjoying the excitement of it all