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Tom + Amy || Engagement session


Tom and I first met in the same, special place that our engagement pictures were taken, which is why it was so meaningful for us to have these pictures captured at this location!

It was way back in 2007 - both of us were young college students working summer jobs as camp counselors at YMCA Camp Ernst, Cincinnati. We knew one another enough to mutually accept the Facebook friend requests, but that was about as far as things went at that time. Fast forward 10 years...both of us had (unknowingly) been eyeing one another on social media for several months. Tom swears it was me who caught his attention, but I think it might have had something to do with all of the puppy pictures of Nellie that I posted — haha! Whatever the case, Tom — on a whim — made the first move and reached out to me after he had returned from a getaway with friends on July 4, 2017. His opening line was “Hey, are you a teacher?” (because he is), which has since become a big inside joke that we’ll always share! Anyway, I replied very quickly and we basically haven’t stopped talking since! Tom asked me on a date for a few days later, on July 7, where we went for dinner at The Littlefield in Northside. The date was going so well that we ended up grabbing another drink (or two?) after dinner at a bar nearby (Northside Yacht Club), which coincidentally, one of our old camp friends/coworkers now owns. It was a magical night! The rest is sort of history. We both knew from our first date that this was “it”. I even texted one of my best friends (one of my bridesmaids) from the date and said something like, “I know this sounds crazy, but I’m pretty sure he’s the one!”, so everything from that moment wasn’t really a question of “if” we would get married, but “when”. We got engaged just over 5 months later on December 23, 2017.


"I had my suspicions when, a few weeks before Christmas, Tom asked me to save the date on December 23 so we cold visit Krohn Conservatory (apparently this was a “big Christmas tradition” for Tom and his family). However, he threw me for a loop a bit when his original plans fell through (thanks to the lovely Cincinnati weather, haha!) and instead, he suggested that we go to the Cincinnati Art Museum instead, assuring me that there were just as many festive decorations there (which was a total lie!! haha). Regardless, we had a great visit to the museum together and after about 20 minutes, Tom led me to a quiet corner of the museum near a Christmas tree, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. It was a beautiful moment, after which he swept me away to a surprise celebration with our family, friends, and lots of champagne!

I always asked my clients to bring their pets to the session

I really love the idea with sign

Family picture? Done!

I love Amy's dress so much, so elegant and fits perfect!

This is e-session was full of giggles and laughs

I had no idea that Tom such a good singer!

.. and dancer as well

Shoes? Amy preferred to be barefoot and I LOVE it!

Dance like nobody watches you

When I saw this spot I was "AWEEE", we NEED to take pic here

here we go!

Straight to the camera is a must have at my sessions, but you barely find them at my Portfolio

I'm a candid moment girl

I would say this is the most romantic session ever!

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