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Jeff + Victoria Linn || Elopement, Red River Gorge

I remember how I first time met Jeff. He was my neighbor at that time. "Oh, nice camera!" when he saw me with my Canon in my hands. "I'm a photographer". "Oh, cool!" That's how our conversation started. I remember we had a long conversation with Jeff and he told me his and Victoria Linn story. INCREDIBLE! You should read this! It's cool indeed!

I photographed their Engagement session at Hocking Hills Ohio, follow the link. and I had the honor to capture their sweet Elopement at Red River Gorge. I like that they always open to my crazy ideas. Barefoot, soaked the waterfall, run in the dust? Not a problem, the easiest going couple ever!

Love you guys so much and wish you many happy years of marriage to come!


Jeff : "We met on a pen pal website online, and visited each other back and forth between the US and Norway for about a year"


I proposed to Linn Victoria in Chicago. She flew in to the airport there, i was going to pick her up, and we decided to turn it into a weekend trip and stay in Chicago for the weekend. Linn Victoria loves bath bombs, so i made her a custom bath bomb from scratch with her ring inside. I planned to have her use the bath bomb in the hotel tub and then find the ring when the water dissolved it. But when we got to our hotel in Chicago, they had upgraded our room - which was great - but the new room didn’t have a bathtub! So i couldn’t give it to her. Then, Linn Victoria actually gave ME a ring the next day (so technically she proposed first haha). After that, I broke down and told her that I also got her a ring and gave her the bath bomb. She was so excited, she couldn’t wait to get home to a tub, so she actually dissolved the bath bomb in the hotel sink So nothing went according to my plan but she loved the idea and I proposed to her then and there in Chicago..

Why Red River Gorge? It's obviously, absolutely breathtaking views!

That's how glowing bride looks alike

I've never been at River Gorge before, so we explored this location together

I absolutely have no regrets that we chose this place

Victoria Linn


So comfortable in front of the camera

The light was amazing that day

Victoria Linn is from Norway and I love her Scandinlavic style so much

Just 2 mins before we discovered that place I said : "I have no idea where are we going, but I have feelings we are on the right way!"

and then BOOM! I saw this!!!

I couldn't ask the better spot for exchanging their vows

... happy tears

They both did an amazing job

Almost every corner of Red River Gorge is a photographer's dream

This shot was a team work, but let's leave BTS as a secret. Absolutely worth it!

I told you we had a blast!

Isn't she STUNNING?

Hands down, I'm obsessed with every shot!

I love close-ups so much!

I just can't stop looking at her

Does it look like a film?

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