Baby Cooper Henry || Lifestyle Newborn Session, Cincinnati

Where to begin with this lovely in home newborn session? I love walking into a client’s home and knowing right away that it is going to be a good newborn session. A vibe/energy/aura/whatever you want to call it, some people you just click with..

Lifestyle sessions can be so heart touching. Some may ask what exactly are they? They are a day in the life of you and your baby. These sessions show you relaxing and creating that family bond at home in your own environment.This is a time for me to step into your world and capture the current everyday moments. The interactions, snuggles, the laughter the REALITY of your life. Here is a lifestyle in home session with 10 days old baby Cooper Henry and his family. What a beautiful family of 3!

They welcomed their sweet baby boy into a home full of life and love and it was an honor to capture it. In home lifestyle newborn photography in Cincinnati is the perfect way to spend a weekend morning. Wouldn't' you agree ;) ?

Baby Cooper was a newborn photographer dream. We didn't hear any peep from him

I always welcome pets as part of your lifestyle newborn session

Straight to the camera shot is a must have during the session, grandma will appreciate it <3

Close ups and candid shots are my favs for sure