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Lifestyle in-home session || Cincinnati

It's no doubt that in-home lifestyle photography sessions are a trend right now. And for good reason....they're pretty awesome. For instance, you don't have to worry about the weather. If you live in Cincinnati, I don't need to explain you how crazy the weather is here.

Before we started in home photography session I had Emma give me a quick tour of her house and tell me the story behind their home. her home is beautiful. Guys, I MEAN really BEAUTIFUL! Every single detail on the spot.

We planned Clara's newborn session at home, but Clara had her own plan, and was born earlier and she had to stay in NICU. Long story short, I was happy to come to Emma's place when Clara was 4 months already.

You feel the coziness, right?

Emma is the sweetest mama ever

Clara is so happy to call her mom

Straight to the camera shot is my must have

But I rarely post it on Social Media

cuz I'm a candid moment girl

Clara had an ear infection that day

Emma is the best remedy for her

Thank you Emma for inviting me into your home and sharing your love with me.

The Harlow is a huge part of their life too

Look at her <3

Emma's babies

Authentic moments, it's a real life, guys!

And moments like this!

All attention to details!

If you’re interested in booking a lifestyle in-home session with Olga Polo Photography, just click the Contact button above! We’d love to hear from you!

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