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Mommy and me || Hocking Hills, Logan, Ohio

As you know I'm in love with Hocking Hills, Logan, Ohio. I love everything about this place: waterfalls, cliffs, caves, lakes, bridges covered by moss. Every time I go there I try to bring up my clients for a session. Every person who lives in Ohio and nearby must-see THIS! I know so many people who have been living in Ohio the whole entire life and never been there!

I’ve known this sweet family for quite a few years. Ira one of the kindest, most beautiful person I’ve met and she is such a good mom. As a mother myself I am generally the one behind the camera - there are not a ton of photos of me and my daughter (hmmm, maybe I need to have these done for me!). But the few that I have I LOVE! We moms deserve to have photos of ourselves with our most favorite people. Your kids will thank you and cherish those photos forever! Enjoy my fav from this gorgeous session!

If you’re interested in booking a family session with Olga Polo Photography, just click the Contact button above! We’d love to hear from you !

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