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Baby Cohen turned one || more than just a cake smash!

It's more than just a cake smash!

Those LIPS?!! Those EYELASHES??!! Those CHEEKS?? He is too ADORABLE!

This session has to be one of my all time favorite cake smash sessions! I think it's easy to see why with this adorable 1 year old Cohen. He moved non-stop, and gave the most adorable smiles. His mama sure is lucky to have such a happy baby boy!

Before I start our cake smash photo shoots I always capture some classic portrait photos.

Cohen went on to smash the cake like a real pro! He loved eating it and would take big chunks in his little hands and happily munched away. He delicately took pieces off the cake and ate them whilst giving us big happy smiles.

Once Cohen had enough of eating cake we moved on to the bath to clean up. Cohen loved the bath and splashed away still giving us big smiles.

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