Brooks family || Spring Grove, Tampa

Have you ever photographed family of 7?

This is my third time photographing this gorgeous family of 7. First time I took their pictures in Charlston, SC when Lana was pregnant by lil Jasmine who is almost 2 yo at the moment. I can't believe how time flies!

If you ask me do I know the ideally family? My answer is gonna be: YES!!! Brooks family ! They are beautiful inside and out and believe me you would wanna stay with them more than just a couple hours. Every time I visit them they are such a good hosts, James is so good at cooking and Lana is ideal wife and mother. Did I mention that Lana is a very talented photographer herself and it's a huge pressure to take her family pictures.

Needless to say their kids Jasmine, Sofia, Madeline, Scarlet and Marus are adorable!

Enjoy my favs from their family session at Orange Grove.