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Pelfrey family || Tupelo house, Loveland

Planning a successful family session can be overwhelming— especially when it's your parents Anniversary. You can almost imagine yourself drowning in all the details and decisions. I'm always so stressful photographing huge families, cuz it's a big responsibility, especially another photographer's family (Whitney is an amazing photographer too).

This time was different because Whitney organized everything so well. And being a photographer myself I knew Whitney would do an amazing job, so I wasn't nervous about outfits and location. The plan was to shoot outside, but it was a rainy day (oh well, Cincinnati, you never know with the weather). So the back plan was the Tupelo house in the heart of Loveland, the best studio in the town. And it was the right choice! The music at the background, warm atmosphere and loving people all around. I wish I could be a part of this gorgeous family too.

The Pelfrey family has 4!!! daughters! How lucky Jerry is? And all of them are stunning: Tiffani, Stephanie, Brittany, Whitney. Should I tell you that Charlene is the most intelligent and beautiful woman, and her daughters are just like her!

And yeah, this family has Italian roots, so they are family oriented, tasteful, image-conscious, discerning, opinionated and food lovers!

Enjoy my favs from Pelfrey's family session!

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