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What to wear guide FAMILY SESSION

We all know that fall is the best time to update your family portraits.

All those colorful leaves, cool weather, smell of cinnamon and pumpkin latte, trigger the thoughts of family photos. I noticed, the biggest struggle my clients have is decide on what to wear for family portraits. It can be stressful, challenging and overwhelming.

Plus, keep in mind, most likely, those portraits will be displayed on your walls and cherish you for years!

1. Mom's first

Mom makes decisions on family outfits, so I would suggest for mom to pick her outfit first and work around her choice. Plus, we are the most critical on ourselves.

My goal, as a photographer, to make mom feel and look outstanding! I suggest to wear what makes you feel comfortable yet looks great and if you already own something that you love and want to be a part of your pictures, start there.

2. The right color choice

Start with one "pop-color" in your mind. Then choose coordinating colors, not matching! Start off with colors that coordinate well. You can accomplish a complete look without every family member wearing the exact same outfit. By selecting a color scheme that complement each other, you can achieve a beautiful look. Pick two main colors and then add softer tones to accent and complete your color scheme. For example, my "pop-color" is burgundy, I would "complement" it with blue and "finish it up" with brown (burgundy sweater, jeans, brown shoes).

3. Simplicity

Remember, keep it simple, relaxed and comfortable, comfortable enough to chase kids:) My main focus is to capture your connection with each other.

4. Patterns

Limit distracting patterns and large logos. Clothing with multiple patterns or large logos can become a distraction. Strong prints and abstract patterns can overpower your photo.

5. Accessorize

Accessories and layers really bring the picture to the next level without adding tons of crazy colors and prints. Plus, they look great for fall.

Examples: hats, scarves, vests, belts, jewelry, etc..

My favorite stores to shop for mom:

My favorite stores to shop for kids:

My favorite stores to shop for man:





HAVE FUN playing stylist and let your family’s personality shine ;)

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