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Clay Family session || Devou Park, Cincinnati

I love getting to see families during the fall!!

Lifestyle family sessions are a relaxed way to document and remember your family - to remember how this stage felt when your littlest were free spirits content and happy to running around, jump off of rocks.

Whenever another photographer gets in touch to have me take their family portraits, I get so, so excited! As a photographer, being on the other side of the lens is not always easy. We spend a good portion of our working hours making other people feel comfortable in front of a camera, but when it’s our turn to be the subject, it can feel awkward! But apparently Melissa is the exact opposite of me because her and her family were total naturals! Ok, maybe I’m just super awkward and this isn’t even a problem for other photographers?

Seriously. Look at this family! Nailed it!

If you’re interested in booking a family session with Olga Polo Photography, just click the Contact button above! We’d love to hear from you!

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