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Summer Family Backyard Session || Cincinnati, OH

WHY DO I NEED TO DO A FAMILY SESSION if you have an iPhone?

If this is a question you’re asking yourself, let me show you why you should! First, let me tell you that you don’t need a special occasion for taking your family’s photographs. EVER. Your everyday family life IS special! Document it. Cherish it. Print it. But if you need more convincing here it comes:

Mostly, family photos will have one family member missing: the one behind the camera.

Your children will grow fast, even faster than you think, and soon they will be off to College, getting married or even moving overseas. The occasions to have all family members at the same time on photographs might become more rare with time. Being overseas myself for the past 8 years, I know how much I cherish photographs with my family. Unfortunately, I don't have as many as I wish; and a lot of precious moments are missing (I have no photo of my mom and me as a toddler). This is why I believe it is so important to book your family session..

Your family session will provide you with beautiful and timeless portraits that your children will in turn treasure for years. Albums (HECK YES! PRINT your photos!) they will be able to share with their children one day, all snuggled up on the sofa going through pages of memories and beautiful images showing where they have been and the bond connecting you all. A family session is not only for you but also (and even maybe mainly) for the next generations, long after you’re gone (because even if we don’t want to think about that it will happen, eventually).

I do family session every year cuz my daughter grow to fast and I think this is THE BEST INVESTMENT you can do.

If you would like to schedule your Family session, fill out the contact form pls)

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