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Baby Ian Alexander, Mason, OH || Cincinnati

Their maternity session blew my mind away

But their newborn session made my heart so happy! Such a warming and welcoming atmosphere in their place. First baby... His birth, his life, was the start of your journey of motherhood. From the moment you first took the test, there was no looking back.

When I chat with Olga through Facebook chat she told me sometimes it's hard to believe that baby is hers and how she loves Ian.

Motherhood has grown you in ways you never imagined. Been pushed further than I ever thought possible and I'm here for you to capture all these precious moments.

P.S. and I think it's not fair when the baby exactly looks like a father lol. Ian is a copy of his dad, no doubt! The same happened to me, I was pregnant for 9 months and I was delivering the baby and it's quite a process I would say, but my daughter looks like her dad! It's just not fair lol ))


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