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BABY COLIN, Lifestyle Newborn Session, Milford, Cincinnati

Wow, can you believe it? Jillian and Brian just hit the jackpot again with another adorable baby boy joining the crew! Three little dudes now, all spaced out by a cool two years. And wait, it gets even better – they've got not one, but two furballs wagging around, making their squad complete.

I mean, seriously, have you seen their family pics? Picture-perfect doesn't even cut it. These guys should be on billboards or something. The way those boys light up around each other, and those two dogs who couldn't be happier to be part of the chaos – it's like a scene straight out of a feel-good movie.

So here's to Jillian and Brian, the ultimate baby-making team, proving that life's surprises can be the most amazing ones. With their trio of little dudes, a couple of furry pals, and a whole lot of love, they're not just lucky, they're living the dream. 🎉👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🐶🐶


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