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BABY MARLOW || Newborn, Kentucky

Oh, Baby Marlow you are so loved!

You are the child of Miss Perfection and Mister Above Average. Talking seriously, your parents are truly cool people, beautiful inside and out. They know what's the true friendship means, how to party and the most important things for them is family. I saw how strong their bond with their families on the wedding day and I can tell 100% , you, baby Marlow, in good hands.

Should I mention baby Marlow looks exactly like his dad? It's not fair, Todd, not fair. Mandy was carrying him for 9 months and here we go, mini version of Todd is here. I have to admit very cute version of Todd though.

OK. Nursery. I was gushing for 10 mins or so, I was very impressed, extremely well done. EXTREMELY. Taking pictures at this nursery was so cool and you know that Mandie and Todd are huge fans of Star Wars.

I can talk endlessly about this beautiful family but it's better once to see, enjoy my fav from lifestyle newborn session.


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