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Baby Oliver || Lifestyle Newborn Session, Hyde Park, Cincinnati

I absolutely love IN-HOME sessions SO MUCH! I love them because they get to showcase your brand new family member in the comfort of their own home with their parents, siblings, and pets!

I want you to create newborn photography that is meaningful, natural, and most importantly safe.

The internet and photography industry want you to believe you NEED a bunch of STUFF to become a REAL newborn photographer.

Just not true!

I strongly believe that the more newborn photographers we have in our world who are heart centered, SAFE, and focused on connection the better.

I can't count how many times I photographed Hyders. Every-time I see this sweet family, my lil heart is so happy! This time Katie, Jake, and Cooper welcomed Baby Oliver, the cutest addition to Hyder's family.

I clearly remember I photographed Cooper when he was born and now he is 2! What a cute lil boy! I always want another girl for myself (I already have one), but looking at Cooper I think maybe a boy can an option too lol, so adorable!

Time flies but I'm forever thankful I have an opportunity to photograph all-important milestone for my clients, I'm truly blessed.


Your home full of happiness and warm, cozy, well decorated, and absolutely charming. Every time I visit you it seems like I know you and Jake forever.

If you would like to schedule lifestyle newborn session, hit the Contact button above


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