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Barrett Family || Lifestyle Family Session, Cincinnati

I had the privilege to photograph Barrett's family's second year in a row. It's always so much fun to work with them!

Heather is a photographer by herself so the pressure is real, just believe me!

We lucked out with the beautiful fall colors for the Barrett family at Metro Park, Cincinnati. I was worried that everything would be brown during the session since the tree color changed so early in the season this year, but we had great color and there were still plenty of leaves on the trees to make a beautiful, colorful backdrop.

Typically, the Baretts are up for any atypical location for their session (the last session was in Laundromat celebrating 10 years of marriage.) The original plan was a beautiful tree tunnel the park has, but this time Sam has his own plan and we forced the session where we were at the moment lol.

Just like my other photography sessions, we laughed and played and had a good time. I captured both the typical “grandma shots” where everyone is looking at the camera that grandmothers seem to love so much, but also real-life interactions and emotions.


I know you read my blog! Just want to thank you again for coming and I hope you'll love your family pictures as much as I do!


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