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"Capturing the Joy: A Lifestyle Newborn Photos with Adorable Baby Nova, the 3rd Child of Archer's Family" || Cincinnati, OH

I've known the Archers since the "Pre-Linn" days with Jeff, and now I've hit the jackpot again by getting to capture the whole fam of 5!

Two cute-as-buttons girls, a mischievous little dude, and a troublemaker of a dog Rascal – the true American dream right there.

Jeff's only in his 30s and has already ticked off a bunch of achievements. It's been awesome watching him slay at life. And now, big cheers for the newest Archer edition – baby Nova.

And can we talk about Victoria Linn for a sec? She's the hands-down baddest woman I know: unbelievable beautiful, smart, speak sarcastic language! Adore it. Not only does she flip homes like a pro, but she's also the knitting ninja of the century. Every bunny and teddy bear bonnet you see on the baby Nova? Handmade and knitted with nothing but love by Victoria herself. Total rockstar!


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