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"Capturing Timeless Moments: A Minimalistic Family Photoshoot at Locust and Vine for Baby Ruth's 1st Birthday"

Just wrapped up another round of photo magic with my forever peeps, Baby Louiz and baby Ruth! Started with the maternity vibes, then dove into the newborn sweetness. Fast forward, baby Ruth is hitting the big ONE!

Asked Stony and Liz if there's gonna be a round three in the baby department, and they spilled the tea – yup, baby #3 is in the game plan (just gonna wait a bit, you know).

Whenever Liz hits me up for a shoot, I already know it's gonna be next-level gorgeous. That girl's got killer taste, and her outfits are always on point – like, ridiculously cute!

Check out this latest shoot – keeping it minimalistic and oh-so-sophisticated. Enjoy the vibes, y'all! 💖 #FamilyGoals #PhotoshootFun


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