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Holden Family || Devou Park, KY

I did Mia's senior pictures a few years ago and I had an opportunity to photograph the whole family. And I'm not gonna lie it was so much fun, SO MUCH FUN! Taking family photos with older kids must be challenging (they are not huggable or kissable anymore) but looking back you will cherish them, even more, when you have an empty nest.

Please bring your puppy to the family session, it's so much fun. It's a part of the family, right? And those pics are absolutely my favs. Look how cute, I can't handle myself.

Brittany suggested the Devou park for a family session, they live near and I couldn't be happier. There was nobody at the park except us, such a bonus.

And I believe I met Doppelgänger of Timothy Shalomet this evening, so so handsome. You find him right?

So enjoy my favs!


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