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Archer's Family || Ault park, Cincinnati

Love, Love, Love this beautiful family.

I think I've been knowing them for a decade now. Jeff was my neighbor and I met him as a single guy and now there are 4 of them. I can't believe my eyes.

When Jeff introduced me to Lynn back in 2018? I was impressed by her beauty and how smart she is. Ocean eyes, blond hair, so so charming. After Engagement photos at Hocking Hills, I photographed their elopement at Red River Gorge (it was so much fun exploring this beautiful place), and then firstborn Viola (the cutes), and then Elio (blue eyes oh!).

They always say yes if I need them to model for my metoring session and I'm so grateful for you, guys.

This time we did a family photo at Ault Park, Cincinnati. Jeff is deployed for a year and I know how meaningful those photos are for them.

I wish you happy many years to come and many more kids, even though I know how difficult to handle them, especially at that age. But it's all worth it.

Enjoy my favs.


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