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Zack, Jane and Oliver || Family Session, Eden Park Cincinnati

I met Jane and Zack back in 2018 (I can't believe 4 years passed )

It was a cloudy day and I was surprised by how adventurous and spontaneous they were. Jane, Zack, and I met at Clifton Gorge for E-session and I clicked with Jane immediately.

After that, was a wedding, the baby was born and I was so happy Jane reached out again this year. I'm glad I chose Eden Park, Cincinnati. It wasn't packed surprisingly that spring day.

Oliver turned two!!! Can you imagine that? Such a cute boy. He is a mini of Zack, with the same facial expression when he makes faces.

The most adorable part of the session is a lil foxy toy, Oliver's fav. He loves his lil pet so much, that's so cute.

Jane, Zack, and Oliver, I cherish you and am forever thankful to you chose me over and over again. I cant wait to see your beautiful family growing.

P.S. Cant for a lil sister for Oliver ;)


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