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Ben, Lesya, August and Liam

I've been knowing this beautiful family how many years. Wait, 5 years? I clearly remember I photographed Lesya at Ault park when she was pregnant and now has two adorable boys. Oh, boy. Time flies...

Sometimes I ask myself how I deserve my client's loyalty?

Years after years they choose me and I can't be happier about it. I love seeing a family growing and how kids change year after year.

This time we decided to go to Mt.Airy Forest Arboretum for a family session and it was the best decision so far. I was surprised, it wasn't crowded or overpacked as usual during the magnolia blossom, probably a few more people that spring day.

I typically try to catch the moment during the family session and I hope I got it. Amazing lifestyle family session with this beautiful family.

Enjoy my fav ones.


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