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Leah & Matthew Robbins || Family photos || French park, Cincinnati, Ohio

I absolutely adore those guys. They're like the poster fam for what family's all about, in every sense.

Let's talk about Seth for a sec – that dude's an introvert through and through, but there's this quiet strength about him that's just admirable. And Emma? Oh boy, she's a total sweetheart. Her vibes remind me so much of my own daughter Maria. It's like they share the same kind-hearted DNA or something.

Now, Luke – he's the rebel of the bunch, no doubt about it. But you can't help but feel this good energy radiating off of him. He's got that rebellious spirit, but it's all in good fun. And Ellie? She's a bundle of love and cuteness rolled into one. I swear, that girl's like an overload of adorableness.

Spending time with them during that photoshoot was a blast. I look forward to catching up with them every year. Leah, being the photographer herself, really knows how important these family photos are. It's like freezing those precious moments in time, you know? And with a family as awesome as the Robbins, it's no wonder she wants to capture those memories.

Leah and Matthew . Even after four kiddos, you'd think the spark would fade a bit, right? But nah, that fire between them is still burning strong.

I mean, you can just see it when they're together. The way they look at each other, that playful banter they've got going on – it's like they're still dating, even with a full-on family to juggle. It's pretty dang heartwarming, to be honest.


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