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GWEN DAVID, THEODOR + 1 || Family Session in Cincinnati Downtown

Let me tell you how I love for Gwen, David, and little Theo! Gwen is like the human embodiment of good vibes and a wicked sense of humor. I swear, I can't help but crack up every time I'm around her. Our sessions together are like a laughter therapy, and I leave feeling like I've just hit the jackpot in the mood department.

Theo, I met him when he was just a few days old during the newborn photoshoot. Now he's a whopping 10 months old? Time seriously needs to slow down. I remember his tiny fingers and that adorable sleepy face like it was yesterday. It's crazy how fast these kiddos grow up.

Guess what? Baby #2 is on the way! Can you believe it? I'm over the moon with joy for them. It's like my favorite sitcom is getting a sequel, and I can't wait to capture all the craziness and cuteness that comes with it. Life is good, and this news just made it even better!


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