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Krese's Lifestyle Family Session || Cincinnati, OH

I am a lifestyle photographer, not a documentarian. I wanted to make sure I brought that sensibility into my day-in-the-life photo sessions. I do this by providing activities instead of letting the day unfold completely naturally. My day-in-the-life sessions are also shorter than most. You could even say my sessions are more of a slice of life. Either way, I made day-in-the-life photo sessions work for me and the way I shoot.

Krese's family is absolutely adorable! Kids are so precious and well behaved, we had quiet time and did some activities. I always ask questions, what's your fav spot at home? What do you like to do typically? And incorporate those moments into a lifestyle family sessions.

I want to capture it for you, Amy. Many years later you open up these photos and enjoy the moments!