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Madsen Family Lifestyle Family Session || Hyde Park, Cincinnati

I met Susan and her family at their house in Hyde Park, Cincinnati.

Susan, I know you read this blog and I want to let you know that I rarely meet such a sweet family like yours. Energy is everything to me, and your family's vibe is so so positive so I hope people can feel it through photos.

While you absolutely will get some posed pics (not included in this post), the majority of pictures are truly capturing those candid, unposed, documentary moments that are naturally happening. All the snuggles, laughs, giggles!

Susan's husband, Nicolas, was so welcoming and friendly and up for absolutely whatever I came up with (photographers dream!)  And their three kids?  Ugh.  I can’t. They are so so incredibly nice, well behaved, and photogenic!

 P.S. And this house–I can’t even begin to explain how gorgeous it is. The space is stunning, but Susan's decorating is absolutely flawless and I can see why she wanted to capture her family there.

Enjoy my favs!


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