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Maternity session Todd & Mandie || Kentucky

Looking back it was an incredible day. Beautiful spring day.

Mandie and Todd. Another couple I cherish forever

I photographed, E-session, then the wedding and now maternity session. It means a lot when they choosing me over and over again. And I can't wait to meet little boy soon, he will have a rare name but it's a secret for now, right?

Mandie is a perfection, always has the best outfits, I don't need to discuss with her what she is wearing for the session, it will be flawless, this is the last thing I worry about when I photograph them.

In general it 's so easy to work with them. After a few mins Todd figured out what to do (smart guy and quick learner).

I should mention Mandie's horse is the best addition to this beautiful family. I contribute the horses are the most beautiful animals in the world and I always ask to bring horses to the session.

So enjoy my favs ones and be ready for newborn photos.


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