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Palmer's family, Michael, Jocelyn, Flory and Franky

Straight out from the VOGUE family.

Beautiful, driven, family-oriented Michael and Jocelyn!

I documenting them over the years and I'm going to keep this amazing tradition. The best definition of human beings in many ways.

I hope you will cherish those moments forever. When your kids are so young and precious, 10 years later you'll go back to this blog may be and go through the gallery. I do those memories for you and for your kids. I absolutely love the idea to photograph families at their place. Where they are at the moment. 10 years it will be another story with teenagers already, maybe even another house. But now it's your happy place and I'm here for you to capture those moments.

Jocelyn and Michael, I truly like your amazing family, I just ADORE you.

I adore your kids and I told you, I wish you could have a family of 5 at least cuz your genes are insane, look at those kiddos!

Enjoy my favs!


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