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SHELBY & DAVID || Maternity session, Locust & Vine

I've been waiting for this moment for a whopping 4 years! Back when I first met Shelby and David, I remember saying, "I gotta be the one to capture your baby!" And here I am, four years later, snapping their maternity pics. I'm psyched to finally meet their baby!

Shelby? Unbelievable! She hasn't changed one bit! Seriously, if you look at her head-on, you wouldn't even clock that baby bump. She's rocking this pregnancy thing like a total queen. It suits her so darn well!

I'm counting down the moments to see that baby and snap those newborn pics. When parents are this good-looking, you just know that baby's gonna be a knockout! I'm loving how intimate Part 3 is; you can literally feel the love oozing out of those photos!


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