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Shockey' anniversary || Cincinnati downtown

"He asked me to marry him 2 months later" said Inga.

I knew she wanted this anniversary shoot soo bad. And I saw this gorgeous dress, I called Inga and said: "Come over, I have something for you." I knew this dress was perfect for her and I knew how important for her to have these photos, especially with their adorable kiddos.

The story:

We meat 16 years ago. We were 19 year old kids enjoying hot Texas summer as lifeguards at the water park. I moved to a new house with 5 of my girlfriends ( all college students just like me, visiting U.S for a few months) and had a hard time finding my way back from work to a new place. Jeff saw me being lost, and offered to give me a ride in his "hot" mustang .

The next morning he showed up at my door and asked if I needed a ride back to work. He asked me to marry him 2 months later. He knew I only had a couple of weeks left before I had to return back to Belarus. And I would most likely never come back as it is very hard to get a visa to U.S. He knew that marriage would be the only way he could keep me here legally. So we got married two and a half months after we met each other....

The happy end <3

P.S. Yeah, my friends are models ;)


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