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Girls are having fun || Locust and Vine, Cincinnati


Maria. Naomi. Scarlett. Milana. 7 years as a blink of an eye!

What the heck is going on in this world? I underestimated "Tik Tok" power I think. My babies are modeling like a pro model.

I was so SO impressed with just how well these four kiddos took direction. Milana instantly understood everything I asked of her and nailed every pose. Scarlett is so sweet and precious, but listened like a little adult and did amazingly. I was most blown away by Naomi - what a sass! Maria just a definition of joy if I disregard the meltdown... Yeah, when your mom is a photographer you feel yourself very special somehow.

Children photography can be challenging. But it’s also incredibly rewarding. I hope they will cherish these photos forever. Children don’t usually fake their emotions, which makes their portraits stand out. Such different personalities, how adorable are they?

Thank you @Locust and Vine for the gorgeous studio and @Zara for cute outfits!


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